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Field banniere

AGRITOKEN aims at developing the
3.0 agriculture

Pancakeswap Listing

What do we do?

AGRITOKEN aims at developing the 3.0 agriculture

The key principle is to put in relation some crypto investors with farmers / market gardeners / producers to create a virtuous circle between two worlds which are not used to mix.

These two worlds can meet nowadays more easily thanks to Agritoken and thus take the most of what each world can afford to the other.

The purpose of this is to develop agricultural structures which would have been preliminary pre selected by a team of experts.

Currently we are working on the BSC Blockchain for the development of the project, but we are looking for the least energy-consuming Blockchain in order to make this project totally eco-friendly.



Contract Address

Low transaction fees

1% Burn

1% Team

1% Liquidity / Development

2% Reward pool




One hundred million tokens

Symbol: AGRIT

Décimals: 9



Total unlocked: 92 000 000 AGRIT

Total locked: 8 000 000 AGRIT + 500 BNB



OTC Price

1 BNB = 20000 AGRIT

Public Pancakeswap Price

1 BNB = 16000 AGRIT


2% of transaction fees sent to all wallets holders

50% of Agritoken's rewards injected into the Reward pool for investors



O In progress

X Not yet done

Agronome avec tablette
Les jeunes plants

Phase 1


√ Research pre-financing

√ Writing of the "GreenPaper" and the various documents

√ Creation of AGRI TOKEN accounts

√ Creation of AGRIT 100,000,000 unit

√ Creation & funding of various wallets

√ Creation of a website

√ Advising in networks

√ 1st Airdrop – Bounty

√ OTC sales

X 2nd Airdrop - Bounty

Phase 2


X Merchandising Agri Token

X Smart contract audit

X Development of the first languages.

X Travel and entertainment marketing

X Accounting consultations

X Improvement of the tools

X Office / meeting room

X Agri Token vehicle

X First strawberry growing company

X 3th Airdrop – Bounty

X Increasing reward pool

Phase 3


X Influencer marketing

X Merchandising sales website development

X Listing exchange

X Developement Stacking / Landing

X Hiring subcontractors

X Smart contracts audit

X 4th Airdrop – Bounty

X Investments in projects up to $100,000

Phase 4


X Charity website development

X Distribution of NFT genesis

X Last Airdrop

X Improvement of the legal structure

X Add LP and Swap directly on the site

X Listing on international exchanges

Phase 5


X Subcontracting of experts members of chamber of commerce, Professor of agronomy, Notary, Lawyer, Accountant, Real estate agent, Webmaster, Dev. Blockchain, Network moderators

X First IRL meeting

X Investment up to $1,000,000

X Development of NFT's enterprises

Roadmap logo.jpeg

Phase 6


X Development and growth of agricultural businesses in the Europe zone, investing in projects of a minimum of $1,000,000

X Development of branches and agricultural companies in Asia and Africa zone, minimum $1,500,000 investment



NFTs will have a very important interest in the Agri Token economics; there will be two kinds of NFTs:

NFT rewards & NFT companies

NFT rewards are for long time or big holders, early investors, IRL meetings and lot more !

NFT companies will be unique with their own properties, this is the heart of AGRITOKEN, each NFT represents a share of a company (100 max) or an entire company.

You can now buy your own farmer company with all the advantages of having a business, you have the power, without the disadvantages held by AGRITOKEN.

The most profitable part of Agritoken is reserved for a few
privileged companies and investors, hold your BNB to be ready !

Read our Greenpaper for more detailed about NFTs.


Vault Company, it means 1 Vault = 1 company, you keep some shares (%) of the project, for ever !

When you invest in, your AGRIT tokens will be burnt (33,33%), returned to Agritoken development pool (33,33%) and vesting (33,33%).

Designed for Agritoken's and farmers compagnies of more than 500000 $.

The bigest part of Agritoken to grow together and spread farms all over the world !

Read our Greenpaper for more detailed about Vaults.



We want to create a charitable association in order to be able to help the poorest populations who do not have access to credit, nor to any possibility of financing in their country.

The goal is to offer them assistance directly on the spot, so that our teams can participate in the construction and development of mini community farms, please read our Greenpaper for more informations.


Charity address (ONLY BEP / ERC 20): 0x5abAcF202aa3CF16a9464964A0270Fb6379D873C


Nicolas V_

CEO – Nicolas V.

Blockchain specialist since 2014

Founder of the

AGRI TOKEN project

  • LinkedIn
Thomas B

COO – Thomas B.

Farmer instructor since 2007


Crypto investor

Co-Founder of AGRI TOKEN project

samantha m

CMO - Samantha M.

Solidity Developer


Social Network specialist / analysis

Victor C

Victor C.

Agronomy instructor since 1999


AGRI TOKEN farms counselor

John S

John S.

Legal advisor of AGRI TOKEN

Corporate lawyer

Maya D

Maya D.

AGRI TOKEN Social media Admin

Social media worker

Olmel K

Olmel K.

AGRI TOKEN farm advisor


Yann D

Yann D.

AGRI TOKEN cryptomarket analyst

Blockchain analyst

Actually we are looking for people wishing to work with us on marketing in order to make Agritoken known to as many people as possible before sales.

If you are interested and likely to help us with this project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Nicolas V. - CEO of Agritoken

Contact us

Thank you for contacting us!

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