OTC Sell

Agritoken need funds to start the project, half of the funds raised go to liquidity Pancakeswap pool, half of the funds raised go to Agritoken's project.


From October 29, 2022 to December 25, 2022; if you deposit

$15 to $10000 on the Genesis Wallet address; you will receive the equivalent in

AGRIT token at the rate of 1 AGRIT/ $0,015. (No buy fees)

How to buy AGRIT now?

You can buy AGRIT now by depositing BNB, BUSD, ETH or USDT.

You send your cryptocurrency directly to the

Genesis wallet (0xcC2f40650C632381Cda372bcA86386176E0f3584)


and receive your AGRIT at the rate of 0.015 dollars per AGRIT.

There will be a maximum of $60,000 or 4,000,000 AGRIT sold for the OTC sales.

Any funds sent below $15 or above $10000 will be sent directly back to the originating address; you can buy a maximum of $10000.

Once the 4,000,000 AGRIT sold or deadline is reached, all funds sent after to the Genesis wallet will be sent back to the originating address.

All OTC buyers will receive an 'NFT Reward' in few months to thanks you for your participation in Agritoken's project.


If you want invest in Agritoken Company, please contact us at


You can buy on Pancakeswap January, 01, 2023; at the rate of 1 AGRIT/ $0,01875 (+5% fees).

Pancakeswap / CEX Sells