NFTs will have a very important interest in the Agri Token economics; there will be two kinds of NFTs:

NFT rewards & NFT companies

NFT rewards are for long time or big holders, early investors, IRL meetings and lot more !

NFT companies will be unique with their own properties, this is the heart of AGRITOKEN, each NFT represents a share of a company (10 max) or an entire company.

You can now buy your own farmer company with all the advantages of having a business, you have the power, without the disadvantages held by AGRITOKEN.

The most profitable part of Agritoken is reserved for a few
privileged companies and investors, hold your BNB to be ready !

Read our Greenpaper for more detailed about NFTs.


Vault Company, it means 1 Vault = 1 company, you keep some shares (%) of the project, for ever !

When you invest in, your AGRIT tokens will be burnt (33,33%), returned to Agritoken development pool (33,33%) and vesting (33,33%).

Designed for farmer's compagnies of more than 500000 $.

The bigest part of Agritoken to grow together and spread farms all over the world !

Read our Greenpaper for more detailed about Vaults.