Contract Address

Low transaction fees

1% Burn

1% Team

1% Development

2% Reward pool




One hundred million tokens

Symbol: AGRIT

Décimals: 9



Total unlocked: 50% (22 000 000 AGRIT + 1750 BNB)

Total locked: 50% (8 000 000 AGRIT + 2625 BNB)



Public Pancakeswap Price

1 BNB = 16000 AGRIT


2% of transaction fees sent to all wallets holders

50% of Agritoken's rewards injected into the Reward pool for investors



O In progress

X Not yet done

Agronome avec tablette
Les jeunes plants

Phase 1


0 Research pre-financing

√ Writing of the "GreenPaper" and the various documents

√ Creation of AGRI TOKEN accounts

√ Creation of AGRIT 100,000,000 unit

√ Creation & funding of various wallets

√ Creation of a website

√ Advising in networks

0 1st Airdrop – Bounty

X Public sales

X 2nd Airdrop - Bounty

Phase 2


X Merchandising Agri Token

X Smart contract audit

X Development of the first languages.

X Travel and entertainment marketing

X Accounting consultations

X Improvement of the tools

X Office / meeting room

X Agri Token vehicle

X First strawberry growing company

X 3th Airdrop – Bounty

X Increasing reward pool

Phase 3


X Influencer marketing

X Merchandising sales website development

X Listing exchange

X Developement Stacking / Landing

X Hiring subcontractors

X Smart contracts audit

X 4th Airdrop – Bounty

X Investments in projects up to $100,000

Phase 4


X Charity website development

X Distribution of NFT genesis

X Last Airdrop

X Improvement of the legal structure

X Add LP and Swap directly on the site

X Listing on international exchanges

Phase 5


X Subcontracting of experts members of chamber of commerce, Professor of agronomy, Notary, Lawyer, Accountant, Real estate agent, Webmaster, Dev. Blockchain, Network moderators

X First IRL meeting

X Investment up to $1,000,000

X Development of NFT's enterprises

Roadmap logo.jpeg

Phase 6


X Development and growth of agricultural businesses in the Europe zone, investing in projects of a minimum of $1,000,000

X Development of branches and agricultural companies in Asia and Africa zone, minimum $1,500,000 investment