What do we do?

AGRITOKEN aims at developing the 3.0 agriculture with the help of the blockchain

and more preciselythe DEFI economy.

The key principle is to put in relation some crypto investors with farmers / market gardeners / producers to create a virtuous circle between two worlds which are not used to mix.

These two worlds can meet nowadays more easily thanks to Agritoken and thus take the most of what each world can afford to the other.

The purpose of this is to develop agricultural structures which would have been preliminary pre selected by a team of experts.


We are developing our technology on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

All AGRITOKEN's investments are made with smart contracts for the online part, backed by actual legal contracts in real life.
This team will be made of members of the chambers of commerce,investors in agronomy, farmers, market gardeners, agronomy instructors, notary, lawyers, estate agent, accountants, webmasters, blockchain developpers.


How does it work?

Each pre selected project by our expert team will be submitted to votes before being put on

the agri market and to be available to befund by all investors.

The goal for our investors is to be able to invest in cryptocurrency on real life assets.

All projects are selected on profitability, feasability, and on real business owner skills;

which thus makes it possible to obtain dividends in the very long term and especially with an

almost unmatched reliability in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The farmer's goal is to be able to fund the setup / extension oftheir own company unequaled with banks or IRL investors in the flexibility of their project; and above all to have real company support of their

project by our team of specialists.

The diversity of technologies offered by blockchain and DeFi applications can now make it possible

to link these two opposing worlds;

in a decentralized and simplified manner for each of the actors in order to make them evolve side by side and to build a collaborative investment network where investors are involved into the projects in which they invest.